Tuesday, March 18, 2014

walking the Tanglewood Track

We drove round to Little Cove last weekend. The weather was sublime and it looked ideal for a quick dip. We had forgotten, however, about the festival of surfing, which had kicked off that very morning. Every man and his dog was here...literally. If you want to see dogs surfing, this is the place to be.  They have their own event...the Surfing Dog Spectacular. Very cute. 
Anyway, I digress...
It took us forty five minutes to find a park, after stalking a surfer back to his car. We were so happy to be out of the car that instead of following the hordes directly to the beach, we just dived into the National Park, via a small, barely used track at the back of Little Cove. It's a long way round to the beach, certainly. But there was hardly anyone there! Incredible.
We walked, and we talked, and ate mandarins and looked at the amazing trees and stuff. 

We did eventually make it to the beach, stopping at Tea Tree Bay for a delicious swim. We walked home slowly, cooling off at the rock pools. Really, this spot is just heaven. After ice creams at the kiosk we headed for home three hours after setting out. A bit longer than we anticipated, and definitely more meandering, but just so delightful and impulsive. Sometimes it's good to go against the flow.


  1. Good to go against the flow indeed! Look at that fantastic rock pool! It is just awesome!!! Simply beautiful! WOW! Sounded like the most perfect outing! These moments are so glad you were able to have this time as a family! Happy week to you! Nicole xoxo

  2. Oh wow! That looks amazing, and well worth the effort! xx

  3. That does look like heaven! How beautiful is that little rock pool?! I do envy you with your gorgeous Qld weather. Mel x

  4. we need to do a house swap for a holiday, Mel!


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