Tuesday, March 26, 2013


A weekend away, with dear friends...friends that are leaving the coast soon and heading south.
I cannot express how much I will miss them. We have become so close in what seems like a relatively short space of time. 
And so, in order to celebrate our family friendships, we decided to book a mini holiday, Peppa Pig style, and go caravanning.

We went west, one hour, to a deer park. Four adults, four kids, 3 bikes, carloads of stuff and far too much wine..

We explored the creek beds. The recent floods have carved wide sections from the waterways. A lot of the trees were bent, with roots exposed. But the creek was flowing, cool and inviting. We swam, and found treasures along the way.

When we were tired, we dragged our doonas outside, into the shade.

we hung out with the residents..

had fun in the adventure playground..

And just generally had a lovely weekend away

I didn't dwell on the fact our friends are leaving soon. We had campfires and marshmallows and yes, the aforementioned wine. There was mostly laughter, some tears and fights and the occasional grump. Just like going on holiday with family. 
And that's how I see these lovely, special people.

So I won't be saying goodbye, when they go. I'll just be looking forward to seeing them next time.


  1. At least you'll have a good excuse for a new holiday destination and exploring the new area where your friends are moving.

  2. now this part of the coast I DO know funny as I have v nearly the same photos somewhere on my blog I think


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