Wednesday, July 30, 2014

finding beauty in the city.

I'm a beach girl at heart. Or a country girl. Living where I do allows me to dip my toes into both. Oh, I've travelled and lived in cities. Big, big cities. There was a time when I liked cities best. The excitement, the crowds, the diversity; the busy-ness; frantic twenty four hour was fun and wild and crazy. I was in my twenties and the world was all there before me.

Nowadays I prefer quiet solitude, mostly. Birds, waves, the wind. Children running barefoot through the water and bush, the smell of horses and cow dung, open fires. Boots and creeks, sand and salt.

But I do like a trip to the city every now and then. For a long weekend, some culture, a footy game, a late slow dinner. Or in this case, the chance to see a dear friend and her lovely family. 

Before I left, we browsed through The Grounds, of Alexandria. We had a soon-to-be five year old in tow; this was the ideal stop for all of us. There was a small urban farm, a pig called Kevin Bacon, the most beautiful flower shop I have seen in, maybe ever; there was a BBQ deluxe-o bacon and egg roll for my (very mild) hangover, fantastic coffee and salted caramel tarts. And, oh, so much more.

Sydney, you haven't always been my first choice in city breaks. But I think we may become good friends after all.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

stills: blue skies and cold clear waters


off lead paradise

northern end, home beach

looking south

on the lake



cold nights and crisp clear days. if we're lucky, little to no wind. we leave the house rugged up; we're in a shady hollow at home, but once outdoors it's a different story. layers are peeled back, then shed completely. it's not too cold to get in. and afterwards, back home for hot showers and chocolate.

joining in with em

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

stills: life

1. watching real live cowgirls in action.

2. enjoying an impromptu night out.

3. sublime winter weather at the rock pools.

4. afternoon snacks.

5 and 6. my favourite coffee and book shop

7 and 8. winter colours...

Joining in with Em