Wednesday, May 28, 2014

stills: around and about

1.  It's not too late to enter my beanie giveaway.  Hop on over and leave a comment :-)

2.  Posing on the beach

3.  Ivy waiting (im)patiently for breakfast

3.  Smokey taking advantage of a quiet corner

4.  Chunky green critter on the olive tree

5.  Flannelette pyjamas taking shape

6.  Bathroom colour

7.  Ripening on the windowsill

8.  I just could not, could not resist...

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

a beanie giveaway.. my 150th post!

Hello and welcome to my 150th post! It feels like a bit of a milestone, so I thought I'd like to do something special...

 I started making beanies almost exactly one year ago today. My first one was for PK's birthday; since then I've made probably around twenty.

I use a combination of two free patterns I found online; to get a shape and fit I like. I've created a design and size that is a great "one size fits all" beanie. 

I've made them out of all sorts of yarn, from op shopped remnants through to a luxurious alpaca wool. 
Each beanie is unique; made with a specific person in mind. 

So far, I've gifted these to friends and family only. 

Now I'd like to make one to give away to a member of my blogging family. A thank-you for the last eighteen months of online sharing, motivation and encouragement.

I'm not a professional knitter. But I make these with love and care. 

Yesterday I took a couple of beanie models to the beach. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had fun running and jumping around. Let me tell you, these beanies will stay on your head even if you decide to turn a cartwheel or leap off a cliff!

this last beanie is made from Debbie Bliss cotton dk 8ply.

(thanks to my beautiful mini-models, Ruby and Seisia, and my lovely friend Cheryl. It was a wonderful afternoon on the beach)

So, if you like these beanies and would like to win one for yourself, please follow my blog and leave a comment below. You can include a request for colours and favourite yarn as well. Make sure you leave some contact details so I can get in touch with you.

I'll close the competition on the last day of Autumn, next Saturday night.

And I'll randomly pick a winner on the first day of Winter. I'll get my girls to pull a number out of a hat.

Thanks to everyone who has made this blogging experience so awesome. 

Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are...

Monday, May 19, 2014

stills: crafts and canines

1.  inside activities while outside it rains...

2.  play dough love hearts...

3.  knitting cardigans with my mum...

4.  I'm having to concentrate and count every stitch on this pattern...

5.  a reward for NAPLAN students...

6  and 7. changing earrings for the first time...

8.  Stella and Tessa. This dog surprised me in every way*

9.  Ruby and Donny...

10. fancy tails at the Million Paws Walk...

11. taking the river path back...

12. banana chocolate marshmallow parcels...

* On Sunday we volunteered at the Million Paws Walk. This is Tessa.

Each year we take a dog from the Shelter for a day out. My criteria: good natured, sociable with other dogs, good with kids, able to be walked by my children. 

I've always looked for the smaller fluffy type dogs that seem easier to manage. This year we took Tessa, a cattle-staffy cross. I've always associated these breeds with a little more... hyperactivity, shall we say? 

Well, Tessa proved me wrong. She was calm, friendly, fantastic with the kids and a complete darling. She sat for treats, she dropped and stayed, she walked like a dream and seemed in every way to enjoy her day out. I was completely smitten by her. 

If I was in a position to adopt a dog, I would definitely consider her. She was so good with Stella; it was just lovely to see. 

She's looking for a home; if you're in QLD and considering a dog, please look at her page. 

She's been in shelter such a long time.

Monday, May 12, 2014

stills... waiting for winter

1. a garden clean up.

2. family games and fireplaces.

3. new scarves and new books.

4. garlic for planting.

5. small hands at work.

6. coffee...always coffee.

7. wintery soup and cheesy toast.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

winter is…(via instagram)

 winter is a wood delivery and open fires...

winter is evenings of knitting and beanie production…

winter is flannelette sheets and thoughts of pyjama making...

winter is baking and warm comfort food…

winter is snug cosy feet (a welcome Mother's Day present)...

It's not officially winter yet. But these last two weeks we've had a taste of it around here. And to me it's a welcome change. 

I'm ready and waiting.

Happy Mother's Day to everybody out there. Hope you got to spend it with people you love.