Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Planting

We spent a weekend camping on a 500 acre property known as Woodfordia, home of The Planting Festival.

Most people would know this area from the better-known Woodford Folk festival, a mega-annual event held between Christmas and New Year.

The Planting is a much smaller gathering, but oh, so rich in community spirit, music, visual delights and more than a touch of magic.

We set up camp Friday afternoon, and just on dark wandered into the grounds of the Festival itself. 
Goodness, it was amazing. Trees were illuminated and campfires were burning.  There were small bars selling mulled and red wines; tiny stalls selling an array of delicious looking food. Old trucks morphed into dazzling stages, amazing weaved nests for reclining, an eerily beautiful lake, ethical wares....

The kids were entranced. I was overwhelmed. We sat around the fires with glasses of wine while the girls climbed trees and made friends.  We sat and relaxed, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the creativity and talent surrounding us. We ate chilli beans on rice, gourmet duck pies and gelatos.

We spent the weekend chilling with friends, sleeping in and doing fun creative stuff. We made ponchos, listened to music, walked and explored, laughed, rolled down hills in sleeping bags, had foot spas in the creek, and ate like royalty. We wore home knit beanies with pom-poms, leg warmers and layers for warmth at night. There were crafty workshops and interesting lectures on all kinds of fascinating stuff.

It was great. Just felt like a world away from what goes on in the routine day to day life.

Check it out here