Tuesday, February 9, 2016

and so it goes...

 There's really no excuse for the length of time elapsed since I last posted.

I thought maybe I wouldn't be back here; I've pared my blog reading down over the last few months and allotted maybe ten minutes at night before I head to bed.
I haven't visited my own blog since my last post. When I did so tonight I spent a bit of time reading back over previous posts. I felt very nostalgic and a bit flat. 

I've missed so much out; at such an important time.
so, here's a quick recap of the last six months around here.

Since I was on here, 
my parents celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary,

I finally finished my cardigan,

Stella turned twelve,

 Ruby went off to her first music camp,

The lounge room received a long-awaited make-over,

I coached Stella's netball team to victory, best season ever!

Jack turned two,

School was done and dusted, so we took a family holiday to Northland, New Zealand,

And made it home just in time for Christmas, which whizzed by, like the rest of the holidays, in a mad blur of work, family, friends and beach.

Rubes and I got to hang with these little guys,

The kids performed in musicals, who would have thought?

And our rescue pig, Lily, finally grew hair and put on weight, turning into the gorgeous little pet we knew she could be.

So, that's my last six months in a nutshell.
Hoping to be back here on a more regular basis, as well as touching base with you all as well.

Wishing everybody a very happy and healthy New Year.
See you soon, that's a promise xx