Saturday, November 1, 2014


This morning I woke up and had absolutely nothing pressing to do. 

The relief...

I think we all needed it. October's been busy; extra shifts at work, a home-stay student, a birthday and school camp to name but a few events going on... none of it blogged and although I feel a bit sad about that, I just lost my blogging mojo and felt stuck. Stuck for words and stuck for time. 

I just decided to concentrate on my family and be in the moment. I thought I would know when I felt un-stuck. But really, it wasn't until today, when Rubes asked me to find a particular photo, that I found myself trawling back through my blog and realising why I started it in the first place. Pure and simple, it's a record for me; just to chart my family's progress as we move through our days. So although I still feel sludgy and slow, I'm getting back on the blog-wagon.

So, as we head into November, this is what's going on at my place today.

Washing. Always washing. We're experiencing a heat-wave this week; not great for my new seedlings just gone in, but it does mean my laundry dries in record time; smelling sweet and fresh.

Quiet time on the day bed with Smokey this morning. A cup of tea, a good book and one whole hour to ourselves.

Coffee made on the atomic and savoured slowly.

Birthday lights giving Stella's room a lovely cosy glow at night.

Tomatoes, some planted, some self-seeding and some growing out of the guinea pig poo!

Bunting. It's going in the Christmas baskets for the teachers. It's not really Christmassy material, but it's red and green and I like it. And I think they will too.

Each one is 2 metres long. I've added some elastic rounds at the ends for hanging.

There's bits from old dresses, pillowcases and donated stuff, along with some good quality remnant offcuts.

My little craft guru Ruby is constantly making. Activity books are always a popular choice.  Gosh I love her stuff.

Go, on, tell me what you would draw...!

PK went grocery shopping, which was great because I just didn't feel like it. He came home with this whole watermelon which we cut into huge chunks and ate with spoons. Which makes me happy. 

Summer is coming and I am going to embrace it. There is so much goodness to be had in summer. Hot days, cool swims. Warm nights, gentle fan breezes. Mangoes. Holidays. Family.

Happy weekend. xxx