Tuesday, January 22, 2013

breathing space

I should be doing all kinds of boring things around the house, as I spent the weekend away with the girls, and then returned to 2 full days of work, but instead I'm reflecting on the week that was, and the week that lies ahead...

Last week I had a lovely surprise when my foster kitten showed up at my place of work. She had been adopted by a lovely lady I came to know quite well through her previous cat. I was thrilled to bits my kitten got such a wonderful new home

The girls and I went to GOMA with some very dear friends. We always end up doing all the kid stuff and not very much of the adult stuff, but my friend and I did manage to make a mask. I just love this photo of us...

We finally made it onto this and although initially we all got jelly legs, we finally relaxed and had a great time enjoying the views

We finished the week with a trip here. I love the local drama club and the special shows they put on for the kids in the holidays. The girls were entranced. All the characters were great but my favourite was the wicked witch, so I jostled the kids sideways so I could get my photo taken with her...!

With my parents finally arriving on the Coast tomorrow and a lot of things to get done before school goes back, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. So tonight is all about chilling out before the mayhem of the next few days. I'm enjoying the quiet of the late night after the girls are finally tucked up and in the land of happy dreams.


  1. That cat is so cute, I am still trying to talk my partner into getting a cat but not having much luck

    1. Hi! That kitten's from the RSPCA; I'm lucky enough to work a bit for them here in Noosa. It's kitten season at the moment so there's loads just waiting for good homes. What I like about kittens is that essentially they're mini cats; that is, toilet trained and low maintenance (usually) from the get-go. My girls just love it when I bring the kittens home, and it's a win win for everyone, I think (except my cat, who sadly doesn't seem to enjoy having her territory invaded by something so cute!)


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