Thursday, November 7, 2013

almost-summer evenings

Late afternoon, about five o'clock,
after the homework is done and the music practice complete,
we head down the beach for some kite flying...

our friends are emerging from the dunes.

We have 2 kites, 4 kids, 2 mums and this amazing and beautiful expanse of beach for our playground.

 We have blue skies, fresh south-easterly winds and the occasional onlooker with curious dog..

But mostly, it's just us. 

 The kids share, take turns and help each other.

 It feels like magic and it makes my heart sing.

We stay late. It's almost upon dark when we leave. After the sunset show of colours.


  1. What a wonderful afternoon of FUN! xx

  2. Kite flying is such fun and such a beautiful setting for it. x


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