Saturday, December 21, 2013


 It's 5.30 and I'm sitting on the deck, hemming by hand.


Because my mum mentioned it, briefly, in passing, and when I got to that point in the dress, I realised she was right. 

My mum has had this material for almost forty years. Forty years!! And now she's entrusted it to me, to turn it into a summer dress for her, for Christmas. So I want it to be perfect.

So often at this point I'm on the home stretch and I just zip around on the machine. It's quick, it's easy, and it's often covered up under lace or trim.

But this dress has a large hem; as I've left the option to lengthen it.
So, as I sat and hemmed, my daughter was making biscuits in the kitchen.

All by herself.

There's no rush. It's holidays.

 Dinner can be simple. pasta in a tuna tomato sauce. 
It takes ten minutes to make and the same to consume.

After dinner, we'll have homemade biscuits for dessert. Yum.


  1. Hand stitching can be fairly time consuming but the results will be worth the extra effort I'm sure.
    I make a tuna in tomato pasta dish too, it's a favourite around here.

  2. That all sounds amazing - sitting outside in the sun, hemming a dress, while there is lovely cooking going on inside. Bliss. x


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