Wednesday, March 19, 2014


It's not really happening for my veggie beds at the moment. Our summers here are normally hot and wet, but unusually this year we've seen little to no rain. Not enough to justify planting out delicate and water hungry cucumbers, corn, tomatoes and the like (although I do have a few lettuces in...). Yes, sure, I've got hardy tarragon growing in abundance. I've got some basil plants valiantly hanging in there (they're near the lettuce soaker hose). I've got some marigolds which add a nice splash of colour to a salad. Some brave chives and a handful of parsley are struggling on. But it's not how I would like it to be (sigh). I can't wait for autumn to really kick in so I can get planting. 

In the meantime, I'm touring the garden to see what does survive and thrive in this relentless heat of summer. If I can't have food, then maybe pretty will do for now.

Vinca flower- tough, hardy, maintenance free..these pop up regularly in my garden. They're so attractive in their simplicity. 

Geraniums..of course. This is from a cutting I took from my parents' garden before they sold up. Now my mum takes cuttings from mine. Just snip and stick in the ground. It really is that simple. 

This is one is a Yesterday Today and Tomorrow (otherwise known as a Brunfelsia). So called as the flowers change colour, from this purple through to a faded vintage lilac, then to white. Their perfume is divine. Not sure why it's flowering now as I usually see this shrub in bloom from September through to Christmas. Maybe it's as confused about the weather as I am.

This is my lilli pilly. Does this classify as colour? I'm not sure either, but it's very pretty and delicate. 

Strawberry flower. I have my strawberries in pots; recently I chucked in some fertiliser which they really seemed to like. These have hung in there for the last 2 years. We got a little crop last year; maybe this year we'll get a few more. One of the plants is sending out some decent runners. Yum.

I should know this one, but it escapes me. It's everywhere.. all through the garden. Probably a weed, but I like it. It's pretty and happy and soft, and not really in the way of anything else. So it gets to stay.

Green runners... a nice contrast against the pavers, rocks and old wood. No flowers, but green is my favourite colour, after all. It can stay as well.

I'm expecting rain over the Easter holidays. That's when we're booked to go camping.


  1. beautiful photos ! yep we are dryer then usual actually we are still quiet hot ! I love winter looking forward to it :)

    Hugs xo

  2. Your flowers are so pretty. I hope you have good weather for camping!


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