Tuesday, August 19, 2014


It's been a month since I last posted. I've been keeping busy and dealing with some aggravating health issues as well. I've been a bit awry and have been heading early to bed. Blogging just hasn't been on the radar. Yesterday when I read Kate's post, it seemed a good way to dive back in. 

So here are my snippets from the last month:

Wandering at the river at sunset; a walk with my sister, her daughter and my girls. Such a magical time of day.

Enjoying family time at the Peregian markets on the coast...

and in Brisbane with these adorable people.

Outside I've been gardening with the girls. they've each re-done their bed, taking full responsibility for maintenance (with some gentle "encouragement" from me). We've been planting and watering and waiting and watching...

On the knitting front I've finally finished this beautiful cardigan, for Stella, from Ravelry. My mum is knitting the same, in grey, for Ruby. She's almost done too. I love the shape and fit of this cardigan. Next one I'm doing is for me. On 3 and 3/4 needles with a 5 ply wool from Bendigo Woollen Mill. I'm awaiting delivery. Eeeek!

With the leftover yarn I'm knitting up some school beanies. It's a small cheeky deviation from our school's uniform policy. The colour is a perfect match and they've each chosen their own personal stripy design.

Crocheting some squares for Kate's granny hottie crochet-a-long. I'm running behind. Because crochet is relatively new for me I find I have to concentrate more. At night when I'm tired I find it's easier just to pick up my knitting and carry on. I will finish this though.  I love the idea and I like developing new skills.

Loving Ruby's owl school. Each night these nocturnal creatures are put through their flying paces; on completion they'll receive a flying certificate ( I shamelessly listen from outside her door).

Reading lots of books, lately. I've just finished a lovely book of short stories called "Emperor of the Air". Before that, the disturbing but totally absorbing "We need to talk about Kevin". Next in line is "Nest" by Inga Simpson.  I loved "Mr Wigg", so I'm hoping this will be good.

Crafting pom-poms, just for fun. A rainy day plus kids equals craft.

Dealing with BPPV. I'm not going to dwell too much on this but suffice to say this has been making my life a bit of a misery since April. I was hoping it would go away on it's own but this week I plan to seek out some help. I can function and work and I look pretty much normal (!) but it has been been making me chronically tired and a little bit anxious. Time to deal with it.

Experimenting with bicarb and vinegar. It's amazing how much fun you can have making things go pop and fizz...

Baking whatever comes out of Ruby's head. And biscuits. I just love baking.

So that's the last month, in summary. I'm hoping to be around a bit more in the coming weeks. Thanks for sticking with me, if in fact you are still there! 

Enjoy your week, wherever you may be.

Much love.


  1. BPPV - so now I can put a name to it! Every 6 months or so I will have a "dizzy day". Sometimes just getting out of bed to quickly triggers it. I have to spend the whole day laying down because if I get up everything is spinning and I feel like I'm going to throw up! Thanks for the link - I will have a good read. Love your list of what you have been up to. And love that the girls are in charge of their own garden patch, great idea. Take care. Elaina xo

    1. Thanks Elaina. It seems as if a lot of people I talk to have experienced BPPV. Which is part of the reason I put it out there. It's nice to feel I'm not alone with this. Such a frustrating and debilitating condition! Hope your week is lovely. I have been reading your blog religiously. I just love your happy posts xxxx

  2. I loved this post SO MUCH!!
    Someone wrote on my blog that it's like catching up with a good friend and it is!!
    I think we should make the snippets a regular thing.
    I hope you start to feel better soon.
    Love Kate x

    1. Thanks Kate! I love that you love this post because I love your blog! Xxx

  3. Hey you....such beautiful photos of life around you! I loved the shot of your girls at the market and the cardigan you made is gorgeous! You take care of yourself....I dealt with vertigo after my daughter was born and it is very frustrating. Do keep us posted. All the best to you...Nicole xo

    1. Thanks Nicole! It's so lovely to see you stopping by. Everyone here is cheering me up already. Much love to you and yours xxx

  4. Hi Deborah, it's so nice to read an update from you. I'm sorry you've felt poorly and I hope your health improves soon. It looks like you've all been very busy and have been having a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Jennifer. I appreciate your kind words xxx

  6. It's lovely to hear what you've been up to of late.
    Your cat supervising the pompom making is cute. I'm sure it was thinking it was a dedicated cat toy-making activity.
    I hope your health improves Deb. x

  7. Hi Zara. Yes, I laughed when I saw Smokey's photo bombing. Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated xx

  8. Oh Deb sorry you have been feeling dodgy. Love love love that cardigan, so gorgeous and very clever of you to recruit your mum too. I am struggling to get back to blogging, making big food changes to help my boy and it is taking every space inch of my headspace. mel x


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