Wednesday, July 29, 2015

winter, part 1- making, baking, growing.

hello, neglected little blog. 

I feel like I'm emerging out of a big black cloud into more optimistic skies. Don't ask why; it's probably not really something I can answer. It's a head space thing. Some things are finished and so some things are starting. Another cycle begins. Suffice to say I feel a whole lot more positive about where I'm headed. 

We've been making some big decisions as a family; including finalising a high school for next year. Years of talking and reading and researching, months of paperwork and interviews and scholarship applications and auditions are finally over. We have chosen a path and it feels good.

I've got holiday plans afoot. I love dreaming of new places and adventures in new climates. There is stuff to be done but I do love to plan. Exciting suff.

I've been assessing my work situation and I've got some ideas there too. Building on what I have and what I like; the possibility of adapting my skills to build another income stream. It involves some re-training, which finally feels like an option. I've got some time-frames and some budget strategies and I feel ready.

While all these moods and plans and ideas have been swirling and whirling around in my head, we've been getting on with life. 

So this is winter, Part 1.  Photographic evidence of daily doings in our little house.

Winter in the subtropics may not really seem like winter to a lot of people. Or to plants. My tomatoes continue to grow; without any frost about we have a slow but steady supply of these little gifts.

I've got pumpkin flowers, and for the first time ever, little pumpkins growing on these vines. Little round yellow balls which I am desperately hoping will hang in there for the long haul. 

Winter is all about comfort food. Passionfruit cake, made with gifted fruit, via my Mum's friends, to me. Served with whipped cream, of course, and a cup of tea.

A chocolate fudge cake which I have been making for years.  It's a birthday favourite and now seems to be a standard in this house.  Topped with chocolate butter icing, this is a decadent treat guaranteed to make you feel happy.

I'm more a baker than a savoury maker, but these bagels from Kate's blog are amazing and fun and delicious and not hard at all.  There's something about winter and warm yeasty bread that just make for a magic combination.

Pesto with basil from the garden. Pesto in everything for winter. Well, most things, anyway.

I've never been a processed cereal lover. Why eat cardboard? I just don't get it. This homemade granola is divine and I eat it every day. 

Lemon curd with gingerbread biscuits. If you have never tried this combination, you should. Lemon curd recipe courtesy of Beth.

We stitched a hat for this little owl, made by Ruby. Did you ever see anything so cute?

I'm still going on my Tikki Knits cardie.  This is my second winter knitting away on this project. I'm onto the sleeves and should be finished by the end of winter. Time is not important though, I feel. This is my down time, my relaxation after the kids head to bed. No rush.

And this. Some left over clay, moulded and embellished with love. This is what makes everything in the world good. 

Such a treasure.

Onward and upward.

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  1. Hi Deborah, it's so nice to see an update from you. It looks and sounds like you've been having a productive winter. I enjoyed seeing the foods you've been making, as well as the crafty things. I hope you're all doing well.


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