Saturday, May 25, 2013

this week via iphoto

This is the wool I picked up while op shopping with my Mum.

It's become a spiral scarf for my lovely friend, who had a birthday last week.

Our hut is primed and ready for a mini ensuite..

A skip to remove rubbish from above mini reno..

choc chip and pistachio cookies from Greer's blog this week (no cardamom, but delicious, just the same)

Planting carrot seeds, above and below...

toasty marshmallows by the open fire

Wondering why the tomatoes growing out of the guinea pig poo by the back step are doing so much better than the ones we're lovingly tending in our veggie beds..(see below)

Watching the spinach put out it's  new leaves...

Having coffee and an afghan with lovely friend..

Making rock pets for our garden beds...

Stella's caramel cookies..

And Ruby's green cupcakes with mixed berries ( a recipe of her own invention...)

They were ok!
Enjoy Sunday. A day of rest is planned...


  1. You have had a great week! How funny about your tomatoes, maybe guinea pig poo is the answer! I wonder if rabbit poo would work on ours, I might have to try it - ha ha. I am loving the scarf and wool in your first photos. :)

    1. Yes, the guinea pig poo seems like an ideal growing medium! Rabbit poo would do just as well, unfortunately no rabbits for us here in QLD. Thanks for your lovely comments. Xx

  2. Isn't that the way sometimes with vegies- the ones that pop up themselves often are the most productive.
    This mini ensuite sounds amazing. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    1. Hi Zara. Yes, I agree with you. I have a random patch down the back where I chucked pumpkin seeds, left over guinea pig food and various other bits and yes, all going much better than the veg beds! Maybe being on the site of the old chook run is helping as well. Lots of worms in that soil! Hoping to have the bathroom underway late next week. I'll post the end result😉.

  3. What a hugely productive week you've had! The scarf you made is so pretty and cheery and no doubt your friend will have much fun in it.

  4. What an amazing week you had!!! Cookies, gardening and painting = bliss!


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