Thursday, August 8, 2013

life and stuff

My sisters and I bought Dad a gliding adventure for Christmas last year. On Sunday, he finally got to use it. The weather was perfect; just rewards for having two previous cancelled attempts. After watching him take off, Mum and I sat outside with a coffee, chilled out and enjoyed the sunshine.

Horse riding on Sunday. The highlight of Stella's week. Ruby came along as well. Although she wasn't a hundred percent, she had a great time helping out. I think we may be up for two sets of lessons next term. Eeek...

School gardening. Slowly, slowly, there is change afoot. Last week we made vertical gardens with the grade 4/5 class. It's so amazing and special to see such enthusiasm from this lovely class.
The veggie boxes are coming along nicely, too..

The weather has been gorgeous this week. With my two intensive working days over with early in the week, I can stretch and relax and get back to doing the things I love. I've been out twice this week on my bike already. My back is feeling better. My lungs are coping well. I have more energy and feel happier.

How's things going so far in your week?

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