Friday, January 31, 2014


 The first week of school is over. It's been a time of nervous energy and high excitement. In the afternoons the girls seem tired and we've been trying to keep it low-key, in order to avoid the classic pre-bed meltdown scenario. The weather's been good for stay-at-home activities; gusty winds and low brooding skies; occasional showers of rain accompany the small but welcome drop in temperature.

For me, though, the lure of fresh air and a chance to walk by the ocean is too strong to resist. No matter the weather. Using the new kites as bribes, we managed to entice the girls out and accompany us to the beach. The winds were strong, probably too strong for these delicate playthings. But I'd tied them on tight, and they flew high and true, occasionally spiralling towards the ground at high speed... luckily avoiding the few stoic fellow beachgoers. We played for a while until the rain arrived, sweeping in from the east. 

No major plans, really, for the weekend. A sleep in. A game of tennis and dinner with family. And hopefully I'll finish painting Stella's room. I promised her it would be done by the weekend, and so it will be.

Happy weekend!


  1. Beautiful photos Deb! I especially love the last one with Paul x

  2. Such a beautiful setting for a spot of afternoon kite flying. x

  3. Such beautiful photos. I'm so glad the return to school went well.

  4. Aw these are beautiful photos Deb! A lovely way to spend the afternoon and mark the first week back at school. I love the beach all year round too, even in the freezing Tassie winter :-) Have a great week! Mel x


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