Monday, February 10, 2014

back to crafting and other snippets

With the kids back at school and some deadlines looming, it was really time for me to get my crafting hat back on. First thing on the list was a clean and service of my sewing machine; which worked so hard over the pre- Christmas season. With that done, and a new needle in place, I'm addressing this project. Just got to pop a button on so I can roll it up. It's a handy shopping bag, pattern from Pinterest and I've made several of these now. It's in my swap partner's requested colours of green, blue and yellow. She's a modern gal, from the sounds of it, so I'm not sure what she'll make of these retro/recycled fabrics. We'll see...

So; just to fill with chocolate and post by Friday. Yep, that's possible.

On the birthday front (I turned 45 last week), my very special friend Cheryl gave me these divine knitting needles from House of Prentice. Handcrafted out of Australian hardwood, beautifully finished and wrapped, with a handmade card, this gift brought a little tear to my eye. 

 (apologies for the out-of focus snap..hmm )

(featured here with Zara's lovely cushion)

I haven't used such large needles before but I'm really looking forward to trying them out. I've been looking through Pinterest for some inspiration on large and chunky knitting, but I could really do with some advice too.

And just to round off, I'm back with enthusiasm into baking. This banana cake is a modified version of Kate's recipe, from her Vantastic book, which I also received for my birthday. I didn't have any almond meal on hand, so I just substituted with some oats and shredded coconut, and chucked in a generous handful of choc-chips for good measure. Just delicious and so very easy. 

Anyone else out these regularly knit with 12mm needles?

What do you make?

Where should I search for inspiration?

Please share!


  1. Such loveliness here friend! That bag is wonderful and a very Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! I hope your birthday was filled with all things happy!!! And I am just learning to knit but boy are those needles spectacular!!! Thank you for sharing that recipe and happy crafting!!! Nicole xoxo

  2. You've been busy! That bag is awesome, you did a great job with it. Happy birthday to you!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Those kneedles look devine heaven I just love wooden kneedles
    The bag is wonderful :) - I'm posting mine today :)

  4. firstly those needles are gorgeous I want some lol gosh I haven't knitted since I was 15 ! hmm my granny taught me but I could only knit a blanket I used to know a few stitches I wonder if I still remember ?!

    that fabric is divine !!!
    and now im hungry lol looks yummy the banana cake hugs xo


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