Thursday, February 20, 2014

sew sweet swap surprise

Arriving in the mail on Tuesday was this lovely surprise parcel. From Louise at Life with Lou, this zippered pouch is delightful in every way. The material is just beautiful; the piping adds a professional finish and the shape of the bag is just so attractive.

Note the pleasing curve of the pouch...!

It's also beautifully lined and full of exciting treasures...

 I just love doilies. I actually collect them, when I can find them for a good price, and I've used them before on various craft projects, from decorations on my shopping bags to pockets on my daughter's dresses. So I was absolutely thrilled to find three pristine and beautiful doilies enclosed.

Also gifted; a beautiful piece of remnant fabric which has various crafty ideas buzzing round my brain... headscarf? I'm sure my mum has a dress like this somewhere...

But when I got to the edible goodies, I had a moment... It's like Lou already knows me. Chocolate coffee beans!!! OMG I love these! 

Super size Freddo Frogs.. I'm not ashamed to say these didn't last long...
Here's my cat ,Smokey, joining the action on this photo shoot.

 But wait! There was more...crochet hooks. Now I know Lou is reading my mind. Crocheting is on my to-achieve list this year. No excuses now. And this set is gorgeous. The handles with their gloopy bubble appearance is reminding me of lava lamps. Super cute.

Just had to put this in. On the card enclosed there's a cat which is very similar in appearance to Smokey (just orange eyes, instead of the green of hers)

Such a beautiful gift. Thank you so much, Lou. I love everything in it. And I love your blog. This was my first sew sweet swap and it was very special to be able to take part. 

Cheers to Cat for organising and executing this swap so smoothly. I'll definitely be back next year. (Hopefully with some improved sewing skills!)


  1. Yay! So exciting! Really glad you like everything I sent. The pouch isn't perfect, but I loved it, considering making one for myself! A headscarf sounds like a good idea for that fabric. Don't worry, my choccies didn't last long either...
    I also thought that it was a partnered swap, and when I heard from Mel, I was surprised!

    I look forward to seeing what you create with the fabric and doilies! x

  2. I think the pouch is perfect. I'd love to know which pattern you used :-)

  3. Thanks :) I actually just made the pattern up to suit an idea I had! If I can figure out how to make it into a digital pattern I will definitely share it!

  4. That is just the most gorgeous pouch. Love the pattern, and the piping is perfect. open it up and it is filled with all those treasures. Wonderful xo

  5. Just gorgeous !! Im in the swap the pouch sooo pretty !!
    P.s we share the same last name
    Hugs x


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