Wednesday, May 28, 2014

stills: around and about

1.  It's not too late to enter my beanie giveaway.  Hop on over and leave a comment :-)

2.  Posing on the beach

3.  Ivy waiting (im)patiently for breakfast

3.  Smokey taking advantage of a quiet corner

4.  Chunky green critter on the olive tree

5.  Flannelette pyjamas taking shape

6.  Bathroom colour

7.  Ripening on the windowsill

8.  I just could not, could not resist...

Linking in with Emily's weekly stills


  1. I dont blame you for not resisting pal! They look amazing! And your stills are wonderful! I so love this!!! Your girls are adorable! And that blanket on your bed is absolutely FANTASTIC! It is beautiful! I would really like to link up to this as well as it reminds you of the beauty in the little things! Happy week friend! Nicole xo

  2. I'm with you on the chocolate stirrers.........who needs to stir them, straight into the mouth. Lovely set of photos for the week. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. Ivy has the 'feed me right now owner-look' down-pat.
    Lovely stills from your week Deb. x

  4. love the posing on the beach- very dramatic!

  5. Beautiful photos! Greetings all the way from England!

  6. Love these little snippets of your home Deb. mel x

  7. Nice knitting cousin! How do you find the time to knit being a vet an all? Could do with a beanie on the plot . It gets real windy in the North East , UK., specially in winter!.... damp and windy, like -2C . Like Smokey. - smooth haired tortoise shell.
    Beach shots are cool.

  8. I love how you love chocolate x


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