Sunday, May 4, 2014

sunshine sunday

 It's rare that you see my home beach so calm.  

This afternoon's walk was surprising.  I left home, rugged up in several layers, thanks to the drop in temperature last night.  On the beach, however, it was warm, calm and windless. A couple of surfers bobbed in the shallows, looking at the sky, rather than the waves. 

This is autumn in my spot. Not too shabby. I only wish I'd gone in my swimmers, rather than my layers. I would have been in for sure. Tomorrow I might grab PK and a frisbee and head back down; putting the chores on hold. I think this is too good to pass up...

Hoping you all had a good weekend...


  1. Hi Debbie. , it's your cousin Bruce from the UK. Nice beach! Longer than Whitley Bay beach I bet! I don't know what to say next, it's been 46 years since we last met. Our lives are so different. I still live in Whitley Bay after all these years . I've only got my dad left.We both work in our shop in the town seven days a week except for tomorrow - May Day - a lie in ! Wow! You seem to have an idylic life down there. So far away.

    1. Hi Bruce! Nice to hear from you after all these years... Although its not quite 46 years... I've just turned 45! And I definitely remember being old enough to play chess with you... So it's probably more like 35 years.. :-)
      My email address is Send me yours and I can email back


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