Tuesday, June 24, 2014

playing catch up, continued...

After the blues of last week; I feel the need to focus on the positives. After all, my life on the whole is pretty darn good. We're healthy, we're happy and there are some good times ahead. School holidays are just around the corner; the promise of sleeping in, winding down and a change in routine await us. 


Last week I took the girls to my old stomping ground at the University of Queensland. My sister was playing in the orchestra in a theatre production of The Wizard of Oz. There was a real dog on stage! 

Much of the University has changed. The Vet School in its entirety is no longer. It's been moved an hour west to Gatton. The  old dirt car park near the theatre was a super new tech building. And as I drove the girls around reminiscing, I realised the ferry I used to catch across the river has gone. There's a walk-bridge instead. It's obviously much more efficient. But somehow, so much less romantic. I loved that ferry...

But the beautiful lakes are still here. So we took a picnic lunch and caught up with a bunch of family and friends. Some I hadn't seen for, ooh, maybe ten years or more. 

There were ducks to feed, trees to climb and hide behind and expansive green lawns to roll about on.

The beautiful old sandstone buildings of the University are a defining feature. My dad had his office in one of these buildings; I've certainly spent a lot of my time around these grounds. It was lovely to walk with the girls and show them some special places and memories.

Last week I also managed to get my stationary swap packaged up and away. It was late. I included a handmade rolled up pencil case, some cute pineapple magnets, some folders, a journal and some other bits and bobs. 

The cooler weather has been very conducive to cooking. Cakes, pies, soups and biscuits have been making daily appearances. I love to be able to provide home cooked fare for afternoon tea and lunch-boxes. This is a sticky berry cake which got devoured almost the instant it hit the table.

And just because it makes me happy. Ruby's drawing of a horse and some fridge art I look at at least a hundred times a day.

I am loved. We make a great family. And my kids are happy.

What more could I ask for?

(Have a lovely week, everyone)

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  1. Hey...we all have those weeks! I think those moments open our eyes to the goodness of the next day! And boy is there goodness here lady! The university is stunning!!! And what a wonderful outing to bring the girls to! And are you going to share that cake recipe?!?! It looks insanely delicious!!!! But one of my favorite shots is that horse! I would so frame is such a cool piece! All the best to you...stunning photos! Nicole xo


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