Thursday, June 19, 2014

playing catch up

I feel like I just took a deep breath and lost three weeks.

Time feels like it's slipping away. I always seem to be doing something, and yet, and yet...

I'm doing the same things over and over again. Cleaning, shopping, working, pets, lunch boxes, school run, homework, bills, gardening. It's ok. It needs to be done. It's just a little; dare it say it; dull. And I can see that Paul feels the same way. My darling man who rallies against timetables, planning and routine has been drawn into this too.

Last week a large tree decided to lie down in our back garden (see photo above). It eased its way gently down onto the lawn; a dead tree enveloped with vines. And it was the most exciting thing I felt had happened in a while. The girls and I watched it come down; we'd just rescued the guinea pigs. The next day multiple family members who had dropped in for a cuppa found themselves attacking it with axes and chainsaws; turning it into firewood. It was FUN.

What I really want is a big long break. Or a change. Just something a bit different, a bit inspiring. I want to pick my little family up and jump head-first into something new. Just for a little bit. And it's frustrating me that I can't seem to work that into my mid-term future. What seemed so fluid three years back, when we disappeared to Bruny Island for six months, seems so achingly and annoyingly elusive now. The pressures of work, schooling, finances and responsibility just seem some days to be caving in on me.

I've got itchy feet. And no way to scratch them. 

Got any good ideas? Any way to take off and escape the rat race?


  1. Such good points you have here friend.....I think that so many of us feel this way. There are the every days that you simply can not escape because it needs to get done. But I too feel like we need a shake up. My brother and his family just took off for the summer as he and his wife are both teachers and they have their summers off so off they went. We can't do that but we are meeting them in the mountains for a short while. I would love to hear what others have to say about this. Happy Friday friend! Nicole Oh and your photos are beautiful!!!!

  2. Feel that way too Debbie. Sick of getting up at 5.30am every day, trundling to the shop, marking up papers for the lads, then serving the same customers who come in every morning saying the same things that they said at exactly the same time the week before. - argh!! - yes, life for me , seems to just trundle on regardless , now that we have no staff , just me and my dad running it together as it's the only way now, things are so tight here. everyone wants things cheap, cheap, cheap in the UK - no wonder Aldi and Lidl do well. The only exciting thing at the moment, is the World Cup! - But then England are out, and it looks like Australia are too Are you a fan of footy?- who knows what the future holds , I dare not think.


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