Monday, January 12, 2015


Stella turned eleven back in October. And it's been bothering me for a long time that I neglected to blog it. Time just got away, then it seemed a bit silly, then I felt I couldn't really go on until I'd put some photos and memories down here. I was stuck. 

I realised I have to backward in order to go forward. I got caught up thinking that I was writing this blog for other people, when in fact it started life as a journal record for me; my family and our story. 

She turned eleven.

We celebrated like we always do. Presents in our bed, early morning. Breakfast of her choice; then off to school with homemake cupcakes (chocolate with popping topping.. crackle crackle).

She didn't want a "party". She's an interesting insular little personality sometimes, my girl. Not keen on being the centre of attention. All she wanted was her best friend to come and hang out for the day.  She was happy for Ruby to have a friend over too. 
Then she just wanted to organise some easy-peasy games for the four of them. 

We made a piñata; so, so simple; unpainted, sturdy and filled with treats.
They played Pass the Parcel, the Chocolate Game, Memory and of course Musical Statues, trampoline-style. There was a bucket of prizes, chosen by her and wrapped by us.

They were busy all afternoon; these four girls. And even though it wasn't officially a party, it just felt festive and fun and easy and stress free for me. 
And afterwards, there was some chill out time in the garden, with Smokey.

My girl is growing up. My sweet, sensitive, complicated, sometimes prickly, amazing daughter that I love to the moon and back. 

Happy birthday sweetheart. 

(May you always know we are forever here for you.)

(There's a couple more retrograde posts to follow. Bear with me!)

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Stella. She seems like a lovely girl. I'm glad she had a good birthday.


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