Monday, January 26, 2015

the long summer holidays

This has been the best type of holiday. Constant streams of family and friends passing through to share days on the beach and at home with us. The weeks post-Christmas have disappeared in a blur of brown bodies, laughter, good food, good wine and good company.

There have been late nights and lazy sleep ins with the constant whir of fans to try to counteract the oppressive mugginess of our subtropical summer.

We don't have air-con in our little beach house; just old fashioned windows to open wide.  Our trampoline and hose have been getting a good work out on these hottest of days.

With the girls heading back to school tomorrow, I've put a few happy snaps together; just for me to look back on. To make me smile and remember all the fun stuff.

Late, late afternoon post tennis dip in the river with my Mum, sister and kids. There's nothing quite like a wallow after some strenuous sweaty activity!

Beautiful paper bags decorated by two crafty and gorgeous little girls.

A pop-up craft stall in our driveway on a Saturday morning. Featuring these beautiful thumbprint art cards.

Three best buddies...friends for ever.

The hit of the summer has been these retro style surf mats which have been in use almost every day, often twice a day. Gosh, we've all had a blast on these!

This place underwent a makeover, so the girls and I did a country detour on or way to Brisbane for an organic juice and delicious chocolately brownie. Well, that's what they had. Coffee for me...

First ever Pop-Up Adoption by the RSPCA was a resounding success. It was great to see some of our long term Noosa residents find their forever homes. Check out Facebook here for some feel-good stories.

I always love to hang at GOMA with the girls in the holidays. So much to see and do. Actually most of our time is spent eating; in between sticker-ing.

Sometimes I gotta catch the art while the kids have some escalator fun! Not many escalators in our little pocket of the world.

Enoggera Reservoir just opened up for swimming. This is just over the back fence from my sister's place and seriously one of the highlights of our Brisbane trip.

Oh, and this little kid just melts my heart. Jack is growing up!

Ruby's giving me a manicure.

Hope your holidays were all that you needed.

What have you been up to?


  1. Just love everything about this post. Your days have been similar to ours. Summer Holidays are the best. Back to school for my lot this week and work for me next Tuesday.........I don't want the holidays to end. xo

  2. It sounds like you're having a wonderful summer. Best wishes to the girls when they go back to school.


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