Sunday, March 17, 2013

double sleepover

 Every so often, I organise a double sleepover for my girls. Sometimes it's a disaster, but mostly it's great fun.

It usually starts with a play in the afternoon, dinner and a movie. My eldest then often chooses to sleep in the hut, a charming separate room at the end of our garden. She'll take herself off with her buddy, secreting treats for a midnight feast.

My youngest and her friend often immerse themselves into fantasy worlds of fairies and fables.
This morning, they built a beautiful fairy garden, and left notes. They're secretly hoping for little treats. 

They are becoming suspicious of my involvement so this morning I roped in the older two to help me out..

After the fairy fun, all four decided to construct a pop-up restaurant on the deck

tables were set beautifully with cloths, menus and reading matter, weighted down with beach paraphernalia.

pretty aprons were donned..

Orders were taken and duly delivered.

 And after the meal, a place to rest...


  1. Happy Days they will cherish forever! :-)

    1. yes indeed. And I will also now have a lovely diary to look back onto.. xx


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