Friday, March 15, 2013


This morning I woke before my alarm, before the rest of the household. It seemed too good an opportunity to pass up...
I quietly chucked on some clothes and escaped on tiptoe, ignoring the baleful stare of the cat at the back door, waiting for her breakfast..
And headed for my home beach.
The sun was up before me, but I wasn't far behind...

At the northern end of my beach is a steep set of stairs, leading into the National Park. I went up, quickly, to warm up my muscles and to look at the view.

By the time I descended, the sun was beating down and the beach was smattered with dogs and their people..

Our open beaches have taken a pounding over the last few weeks. The ocean is still swirly and messy; large sand cliffs have appeared as the beach erodes away.

It's still beautiful, and it always energises me, but I'm hoping as we head into autumn that the ocean returns to it's peaceful state that characterises the cooler months of the year.

See you next time.

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