Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy birthday

PK had a birthday this week. He requested a beanie. They look easy and it should have been a piece of cake but I did struggle with it initially. I borrowed some circular needles which were too long, then I knitted it up on straight needles, estimating the size and combining a couple of online patterns to get what I was after. Well, my initial attempt was too loose and not long enough, a disaster that saw me unravelling the entire beanie two nights before his birthday.. Eeek...!!
However, I did learn from my mistakes. My second attempt was successful.. a nice warm snug fitting cap beanie in op shop wool that I loved..and finished the night before.
So they're not hard, and they don't take too long, provided you know what you're doing! My next project is to invest in some circular needles and teach myself to knit in the round. 

He was happy with the beanie, and with his other present, a retro-styled skateboard with bamboo deck and original surf art underneath. It is a treasure, if I do say so myself. Just looking at it gives me a little thrill of delight.

The birthday dinner was a combination of all his favourite dishes, finished off with a choc fudge cake with cream and fresh raspberries. Yum-o...

 I have loved this man for a very long time. We've had many, many adventures together over the last twenty five years. He makes me laugh and he loves me like no other. He's my family and my life.
Happy birthday, babe.


  1. Happy birthday to him! You did a great job with the hat, it looks terrific and fits him nicely. The cake looks delicious.

  2. Nice beanie - the one and only time I tried to knit one for my husband it was too big. I have yet to master circular needles - one of my challenges for the year.


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