Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Our mini veggie plots have been coming along nicely. Lettuces do well this time of year, so the rocket and spinach are looking green and happy. As per our garden diaries, the next step is to harvest and utilise our produce in our kitchen. 

I've one very keen chef in the making. Stella is always happy to be chopping, slicing and dicing, so after collecting some leaves we went to work. With my sister up over the weekend, we needed a big and colourful salad to go with my free-range roast chook and garlicky baked potatoes, so we opted for a tabbouleh, using lots of yummy and fresh ingredients and a simple dressing of seasoned olive oil and lemon juice.

It was delish. With the spicy rocket and ultra fresh spinach, it went down a treat.
And enough leftovers for me to take to work the next day. (Love leftovers!)

Today we picked a bit more to top home-made pizzas. We made our pizza dough from a simple online recipe, hand-kneaded and left to prove in the sun while we staked our tomatoes. 
After cooking the pizzas, we smothered them in fresh greens and a little bit of parmesan. 
And ate it all up. No leftovers this time!

It's so lovely to engage the kids in gardening and cooking; activities I adore. Giving them their own garden beds has been an inspired move. Hopefully these will be skills they'll take forward into their futures. 

I hope...


  1. Harvesting and eating your own home grown produce is the best.
    The tabouleh and pizzas look delicious.
    p.s I love leftovers for lunch at work too.

  2. Very nice lettuces. I've never tried growing them but I want to. Tabbouleh and pizza are two of my favorite foods.

  3. I love Tabbouleh and pizza's are always are favourite in our house. My vege garden is looking abit sad. The dog and my youngest have been running through it! xo


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