Sunday, June 2, 2013

the garden grows..

In spite of the fact we've had unseasonably excessive rain, in spite of the fact our capsicum seeds continue to be duds, and also in spite of the fact the garden beds have less than ideal sun, our garden is, thankfully growing (albeit slowly...)

Stella's tomatoes and rocket are both doing well. we picked a rocket leaf the other day to taste test. Ruby's comment.. "Mum, this tastes exactly like rocket!!.. Well, thank goodness for that!

Ruby's celery and spinach both appear to be thriving. The spinach is developing nice dark green leaves and looks sturdy and strong

Both lots of carrot seeds germinated this week under the hessian bags. I have removed the bags in the hope that the sunlight will encourage them on their merry way

A question or two; I'm hoping someone out there will have the answers..
Do I thin out the celery bunches?
And I'll have to thin the carrots as well, as they grow.. at what stage do I do this? 

It's been a lovely weekend in theses parts.

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