Friday, July 12, 2013

early one morning...

An early breakfast date with work buddies saw me at the river before my normal "out of bed" time. The river was calm and still, devoid of the frenzy of joggers, dog walkers and other enthusiastic morning people. 
Just a few minutes later, seated at the cafe, the sun pushed through the clouds and the river was lit in its  glow. Not long after that came the morning rush of activity.
I sipped my coffee and spectated. I love the mornings, but don't usually have my act together to sit and enjoy.

What about you?
Are you a morning person?
Or a night owl?


  1. I'm definitely a morning person - I awaken with the pre-dawn (in summer that's 4am... but that's okay by me) and love that time between the first glow of light and actual sunrise. It's when I feel my most energised and optimistic.
    Love your photos this morning!

  2. Great photos. I'm a night owl. Not a morning person at all. I'm always the last one up. When I am dragged out of bed before the sun rises I always enjoy it. xo

  3. I do love the early mornings- the stillness, and beautiful light. the cool winter mornings though mean I'm often still tucked up in bed.

  4. Wow, what gorgeous views. I am a morning person, through and through. I get so much done early but I am completely useless at night.


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