Thursday, July 18, 2013

winter. beach

I went to the beach yesterday with my eldest. My youngest had a play date organised after school; and so it was that I asked Stella to accompany me on a walk. I didn't hold out much hope for a yes; this one's often happiest curled up with a book on a cold and drizzly afternoon. But a yes it was, and she was in a surprisingly carefree and happy mood. Win.

It has rained a lot lately. Not all day, but showers most days, the kind of rain that seeps into your bones and makes everything feel damp, constantly. I thought the beach would be windy and cold. 
But I was wrong. It was beautiful. And almost deserted.
I asked Stella if I could photograph her. She was ok with it. We ran and danced, twirled and jumped, laughing and filling our lungs with fresh air as we headed towards the end of the beach.

We jumped and made deep footprints in the stodgy sand

We followed paw tracks..

And found this cute little canine; keen for a game..

We tracked up the headland, to explore old caves and cubbies built weeks ago; now grown over.
Stella gave me lessons on how to fly..

We climbed one hundred and sixty-one stairs; saying farewell and leaving the beach as we found it; pristine and peaceful.
I so loved this time with this girl. I hope I always remember how happy and lucky I felt.


  1. What a magic beach you have. And it sounds like a magical afternoon with your girl. x

  2. I LOVE the second photograph. It deserves a frame x


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