Saturday, September 7, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

is not well today. She's having some quiet time with our foster kitten, Ash. This little ball of fluff has spent the past ten days with us, after being dumped on the side of the road by some heartless miscreant. He was brought into the local RSPCA, skinny and scared. He's thrived in our house, gaining half a kilogram and developing into the nicest-natured purring machine I've ever seen. He goes to his new home tomorrow. There will be tears all round from this end...

in her new cubby house at the top of  her wardrobe. We had to remove a shelf in one of our precious few in-built storage cupboards to create this space (why do old Queenslanders have no storage whatsoever?), but it is giving her so much pleasure that we think it is worth it. She has piled books, pillows, water and food supplies so she can spend all day up here. What bliss...

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  1. I loved being in my cupboard when I was a kid, too! At one time it was like a little art studio - I had an old wooden stool that acted as a desk, and I would sit cross-legged in the bottom of the cupboard drawing cartoons. I remember feeling like it was the best little spot in the whole house!

  2. Our cat is a rescue cat. We got Tira when she was just a baby, skinny malnourished and missing chunks of her fur. Had her for four and half years. So good to here you fostering other cats in need.
    ps good cubby

  3. love these pictures, cubby's and cats, a couple of life's finest things x

  4. That looks like the perfect little hidey hole ... I think I might create one at my place ... for me ;0)

  5. Bliss indeed! She looks so happy in her little space!!! Isn't it fun how kids like cozy little spots?!?! And I hope that your sweetie is feeling better soon! Cheers to you all for taking care of that kitten...we need more people like you!!!


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