Wednesday, September 11, 2013

rainbow bunting and a pom pom chicken

I have a project going on, inspired by Kate, at Fox's Lane. My project is a little less ambitious and will hopefully be completed in the next couple of days.

This one's for Ruby.

seven knitted squares, in rainbow shades, each a different pattern, will be sewn onto a ribbon to create a string of bunting for over her bed, or maybe her cubby house; she's not sure yet....

I've been sitting and knitting, at night after the girls are in bed and the house is quiet. It's been therapeutic after the emotional upheaval of the last couple of weeks...

today I darned in the ends and laid it out. It's kinda wonky but each piece is unique and I like that. Ruby likes it too. It's pretty and it's making me smile...

Also making me smile is this little craft project, by Ruby. A finger pom pom chicken will somehow be stuck onto this nature find. Something for us to figure out together, tomorrow...

What's making you smile this week?

I'd love to know...


  1. your pompom chicken made me smile :)

  2. Glimpses of sunshine this week has made me smile. And I love your bunting. xo

  3. Such pretty rainbow bunting Deb.

  4. The rainbow bunting is amazing! I wonder if you could do them in little triangles.


    1. i thought about triangles..obviously it's more the accepted shape for bunting.. but Ruby wanted squares, and that seemed easy..instead of having to continuously increase and continue a pattern.. another option would have been just to fold the squares in half...


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