Wednesday, October 23, 2013


My eldest turned ten last week. She was away on music camp and it was very odd to wake up and not have that usual rush to our bed for present opening.
Rubes and I had done some gift wrapping the night before. Ruby was in on all the secrets this year, which she loved..and as Stella was away I knew there was no chance of her accidentally spilling the beans..

We were picking Stella up that night, after the kids had performed a concert for the families.
On the way to the camp, we stopped in at a gorgeous Eumundi restarant, where Ruby snapped off a few colourful photos for me. 
This place is great. The pizzas were delicious and the share plate of seafood was pretty darn good, too. 

We were early. Hence we had the place to ourselves. 

Back home, post concert and excitement of four days away, present opening was delayed until the next morning.
We wagged school and just enjoyed having our girl back.
This doona cover was received with much excitement from my horse-mad daughter.

Then off to the beach to try out the new surf mat, courtesy of my sisters...

Back home for some cake decorating..thank you Pinterest, for this inspired number!

...and dinner with family.

thank-you cards were crafted and sent out the next day..

A lovely weekend, in all.


  1. What a lovely birthday celebration. Happy birthday to your big girl.

  2. Wow, everything looks amazing. Happy Birthday sweet girl xo

  3. That's one impressive cake, lovely.
    happy birthday to your beautiful 10 year old. x

  4. What a beautiful Post. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl! And your cake is awesome! Mel x


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