Wednesday, October 30, 2013

time out

We hadn't been away anywhere with the girls since December last year.
It seemed like a good time to take a short break. We were all in need of some down time.
We found this place online and it seemed to fit the bill.
A small quiet block of nicely situated apartments with a pool and tennis court. Walking distance to town.
We packed a small bag each and took the bikes.

The outlook was idyllic. The greenest hills gently easing down to the ocean.
The apartment was old, but spacious. Whitewashed brick walls, high ceilings, glass doors opening right up, comfy furniture. It felt welcoming and cool.
The girls shared a room. Upon arrival, they disappeared into it to unpack and rearrange the furniture. They were in there about an hour, creating their perfect space.
Clothes were folded and put away, books were arranged on bedside tables. Cushions and toys were neatly displayed on the twin beds. An activity corner was created.
Their room opened to a sweet courtyard perfumed by star jasmine.

While PK shopped for supplies, the girls and I took our bikes and explored.
We stopped to make friends...

On a solo trip the next day, I found this lovely little cafe where I just had to stop for a coffee...

On the last morning I was up just after the sun for a ride to the lake..

This lake is a popular spot backing onto a large and busy caravan park. On our trip here the day before, it was humming with people. At this hour, on my own, it was deserted and almost eerily still.

Perfect reflections.

We didn't do much, really. 
We read and relaxed, we walked and swam; played tennis and pottered around town. 
We had daytime naps and coco pops for breakfast.
We played Uno. 
We laughed and had time together. 

I want to go back...

I think we will go back.


In the not too-distant future..


  1. I love this post. It sounds like my kind of holiday. I loved the part about your girls sorting their room out to suit. My sister and I used to do the exact same thing. I think you have found the perfect holiday spot. xo

  2. It sounds just blissful Deborah. I love unpacking and arranging things whenever we go away on holiday, and did as a girl too. It sounds like the perfect spot! x

  3. Gorgeous. Would love to know where this special place is

    1. Lennox Head, NSW, Michele. The place we stayed is the Quarterdeck. That's Lake Ainsworth in the last few photos.

  4. thankyou Deborah - have just spent oh prob an hour or so browsing through your archives. You have made me realise what a lovely spot we live in and that I need to get out and about and explore a bit more,especially in early mornings and wet weather
    Thanks again

    1. Thanks Michele for all your lovely comments! Much appreciated!!


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