Friday, April 18, 2014

vintage recipe swap

So I signed up for this fantastic swap, knowing the deadline was my daughter's birthday and also the last week of term. 


Well, I was a few days late with my swap, but luckily so was my lovely swap partner, Zara

I had received some gifts from Zara in the past, so I really wanted to put together a nice parcel for her. In the end I made a kitchen plastic bag stuffer from a vintage sheet. My sister made me one years ago from an old tea towel and it's still in daily use. I put in some other small things and two favourite recipes. I completely forgot to photograph anything before I sent it, so there you go.

These are the beautiful items I received from Zara. Such a lovely collection and so many things. 

A vintage tea towel, a beautiful card and some washi tape. Tea towels are Zara's thing; if you check out the link above you will see a gorgeous tea towel cushion cover I received from her birthday giveaway.

Two aprons (divine) and some fish moulds....

A couple of simple delicious looking recipes; I can't wait to try them out...

(I'm thinking maybe skirts for my girls...?)

Thank you Zara, for all these lovely things. You always take such care and put so much love into your parcels. I feel very lucky to have had you as my partner.

And thanks to Taz, for the organisation and execution. This swap idea is quite new to me; this is my second such swap. I really like the way a swap encourages you to look closely at your partner's blog; to find out what they like and what they do. It feels great to put together a gift and also really nice to receive one back!

  This is the next one I've signed up for, with Lisa

Check it out here...

Have a lovely Easter, everyone.



  1. Thank you for photographing the swap. I too forgot to photograph before I sent it off.
    I'm glad you like all the goodies.
    I was thinking with converting the aprons to skirts you could try a wrap-style skirt, or something like this-

  2. Oh I would have loved this one! Her gift to you is just so amazing and beautiful! Wishing you an outstanding weekend! Nicole xoxo

  3. Oh..such a wonderful post and what absolutely lovely gifts. Zara is great isn't she! Thank you so much for taking part in this swap. Taz xx


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