Wednesday, April 30, 2014

it's never too late to start gardening (and a spot of puppy love)

They seem like a nice bunch of folk at Mum and Dad's village. My noisy little family and I invade them on a regular basis, swimming in the pools, taking over the gym and making hot chocolates from their machine. On one occasion when I felt compelled to apologise for the noise level to one elderly couple at the pool, she said "I don't mind at all, dear. And he (with a nudge to her husband's arm) is completely deaf. So it's not bothering him" 
Just lovely....

There's always something going on there too. From yoga to lawn bowls, concerts to Happy Hour, this place is a bustling hive of activity. But it's their newest venture that's got my interest piqued. Someone's managed to take a piece unused land and turn it into a raised vegetable garden.

My mum's taken on half a bed. She's starting small, with some tomatoes, lettuces and herbs. I think this is a great starting point. From someone who said a few months ago to me "what do you use use herbs on?".....(ummm...everything!!), this is a move in the right direction! My mum's always been a gardener of the flower variety. She definitely influenced me with my love of gardening; I've gone in a different direction; favouring edible plants. Maybe I can influence her right back...

I like the way this garden looks at this early stage. Someone's indulged a creative child-like whim; a scarecrow graces the plot, adding colour and humour. Some have planted seedlings, others have started from seed. Some have planted neatly in rows, some have gone for trellised climbing plants, others have started with jiffy pots. Some beds are mulched and some aren't.

The garden is completely organic. Signs ask residents not to use pesticides or sprays. Which is all good in my book. 

I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Oh, and a few photos of puppy love from a visit to the RSPCA on Sunday. My lucky crew got to sit in with a litter of 3 week old staffy pups. Oh, the joy...

(apologies for the quality of the photos. The light is dim and the puppies are quick.)


  1. Oh those sweet pups just melted my heart! And rock on with that garden!!! It is beautiful! And I like how they agreed to no chemicals.....just fantastic! A garden is like can heal the soul and bring us health! Happy day you!

  2. What a great veggie garden and such a good idea for them as well!


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