Sunday, May 11, 2014

winter is…(via instagram)

 winter is a wood delivery and open fires...

winter is evenings of knitting and beanie production…

winter is flannelette sheets and thoughts of pyjama making...

winter is baking and warm comfort food…

winter is snug cosy feet (a welcome Mother's Day present)...

It's not officially winter yet. But these last two weeks we've had a taste of it around here. And to me it's a welcome change. 

I'm ready and waiting.

Happy Mother's Day to everybody out there. Hope you got to spend it with people you love.


  1. Happy mother's Day to you, Deborah!

    1. and the same to you, lovely Jennifer! Wait, is it Mother's Day in your neck of the woods, or not??!!

  2. Hey Deb. Why don't you take up freelance photography? I reckon these shots would grace any women's magazine. Cool beenies! Mine are all Spyder . (ski hats).


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