Wednesday, May 20, 2015



In April my baby turned nine (I'm still catching up)

There was a chocolate fudge cake for school...

and a small party celebration at home with her two best buds.

A poodle cake for home...

Goodness. Nine. Wow.

She seems so grown up this year. Grade 4 and just blossoming all the time.
(She's so independent, this daughter of ours.)

I walk her to school but I'm not really allowed up to the classroom. That's her zone.

At home she engages herself endlessly in creative and constructive activities. 

Or I'll find her, bent into the armchair in the lounge, nose in a book.

She might be cartwheeling in the garden, or practising new tricks on the trampoline.

She'll be hanging with Smokey, on the back steps, snack in hand.

There might be a home-made activity book for me to complete.

Maybe she's collected the ripe tomatoes from the garden and put them on the bench for me

She may even have washed up, set the table and made a salad for dinner.

Every day is awesome with this little person in our lives. The laughter, the silliness, the crazy endless chatter, the hugs and love-words, the smiles and the dancing... all of it is a journey in love and life.

Happy birthday Ruby. 

You're a very special person who sees the joy in everything. May you always encourage me to do the same. xxxx

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  1. Happy belated birthday to Ruby! I really like nine; my older child is nine. He likes a lot of the same things Ruby does; I think it's wonderful that at nine, boys and girls still have so much in common.


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