Sunday, May 24, 2015

other April highlights...a month in pictures

April always starts off with Ruby's birthday. It's one of my favourite months. Not just because of the birthday celebrations, but because it's Easter, school holidays and the weather here on the Coast is usually always close on perfect. This year was no exception.
It came and went in a flash. No time for blogging, really. So I'm just diarising it in pictures; highlighting some of my favourite parts.

I like to chuck in a little something handmade. This year I just went with a very simple bunny template, old fabric and some ribbon. Perched on the end of a kid's bed on Easter morning with some chocolate eggs; perfection.

Still on the Easter theme: the egg hunt. Obviously best carried out in undies and an oversized jumper...

The booty. I keep this part of it pretty small as we tend to get swamped in chocolate once the extended family has arrived.

Goodness, we had some lovely weather this April. My Dad has been getting into his sailing since my parents relocated to the Coast. At Lake Cootharaba over the break we took a picnic and had some fun times with the family.

We seriously spent a lot of time on the beach. You know, we have so many people around over Christmas, but right now, they seem to just drop off. I never get it. The beaches are sublime, you can be down here for longer without frying and it's so much easier to get a park. At Christmas, you won't find me down here on this busy beach, no indeed. But right now? Everyday.

This game of finska was a Christmas present and great fun on the beach.

We took the surfboards, surf mats and PK's handcrafted surfie: something for everyone.

We were down on the beach in the morning and back again in the afternoons for some awesome surfing sessions...

Back home we made use of left over party bubbles.

There was some silliness at the local park.

We had two lots of foster kittens through April. So, so very cute! They're never popular with our cat though; she moves outside while they stay with us.

Who can resist a pile of fluffy purr-iness? Not me, that's for sure. Not the girls, either. And not even PK, although he may pretend otherwise.

Cat whiskers...just delicious.

More beach. We just couldn't get enough.

My niece came to stay and tuned out to be a super-surfer.

Long shadows and glorious sunsets. Bliss.

Hope April was good around your parts of the world, wherever that may be.

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  1. How sweet those little handmade bunnies are. And the kittens, too cute. I hope the bunnies are out of reach from those playful kitties. x


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