Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Million Paws Walk- an annual RSPCA event

Each year, the RSPCA holds an event to raise funds for animals in need. That event is the Million Paws Walk.

"Funds raised from registrations, merchandise sales and fundraising pages, will help to provide essential care, veterinary treatment, food and shelter for more than 18,000 dogs that RSPCA Qld cares for each year." *

The girls and I always like to go down and lend a hand. We usually have a couple of other willing helpers too. This year we manned the cupcake stall. I left the kids in charge this year; they did a great job on sales and promotion.
After their efforts, we joined all the other lovely locals for a meander up the river. We don't have a dog so we borrowed little Shadow here from a friend. She was prettily washed and hair-sprayed for the occasion. Stella got her face painted especially to match Shadow's tail.

This year we were stationed next to the Snake-catcher and rehabilitation stall. For a small donation, you could get close up with a python and snap a few shots. 
Ruby was into it but Stella's snake seemed very keen on wrapping round her neck.. I think she was a bit out of her comfort zone...

Ruby got brave and took Shadow into the Eventing Ring, where she managed to get this little girl to sit, drop and stay.  She made it into the second round, before being pipped by a very smart and quite gorgeous black Lab. 

It's always a lovely day where I get to meet and talk to some amazing and dedicated people. It makes me so happy to be working in a job I love, with people I admire. 

And that's May. 
And I'm caught up. :-) 

(*quoted from the RSPCA Million Paws Walk official website)

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  1. This is a wonderful cause and I'm so glad you have the chance to volunteer together. The cupcakes are so nice! They look like professional ones from a cupcake bakery to me. Thanks for sharing. :)


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