Sunday, February 17, 2013

before work

We're a one car family. It's a conscious choice. It works for us in a number of ways. 

Firstly, it cuts down on household expenses.
Secondly, it encourages us to walk and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.
Thirdly, it contributes to a more eco friendly way of life, and that makes me happy as we try to be aware of our impact on our environment.

When PK needs the car for the girls and I must away to work, I catch our local bus. It's early, it's quiet, and it goes via the river, which is so beautiful in the early morning.
When I bus it to work, I get off a stop early and walk slowly up to work via a sleepy, less used section of our busy tourist waterway.

It helps me come to terms with the fact I'll be spending at least ten hours indoors in a potentially frantic and stressful environment.

This particular stretch of the river is frequented by dodgy old houseboats and all kinds of bird life..

Ducks contemplate the quiet calm of the morning....

old boats and canoes are pulled up onto the beach....

glimpses of sun through the dappled shady foreshore...

It's a peaceful start to the day.


  1. another beautiful spot I would love to explore - can I ask where this is I am guessing some part of Noosa river?

    1. Hi Michele..yes, Noosa river, just before the Marina at the back of Hilton Tce.

  2. what a beautiful way to start the day. I used to live in Bris right under the Story Bridge and catch the ferry to and fro to work at the Uni (St Lucia). Magical way to start and end the day. So quiet in the mornings and then the lovely sun sets and bats and city lights at night. Miss those days.

    1. I used to live at Highgate Hilll and get the ferry from Dutton Park to the uni when I was a student. It certainly is a lovely way to start the day.


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