Thursday, February 7, 2013

sew quick

last night I made a tote bag from a pattern I found on Pinterest. I've been looking for a birthday present for a friend of mine and had had no luck in finding something I thought she'd like. In the end I gave up out of frustration and decided to make her something; not too hard, that wouldn't take too long.

I have loads of remnant material and some really strange stuff my mum gave me when she recently moved house. I've got 4-odd metres of this weird shiny yellow fabric with a diamond stitch detail on it...which just happened to colour match this left over Japanese style fabric I bought to make into a dress for my daughter.

In a hour and and a half, I had this really cute tote bag which rolls up and is secured by a button and some elastic. The button just happened to go perfectly on top of the fabric girl's up-do, making her hairstyle look 3D. My girls were really impressed by this and spent ages perfecting the roll up technique.

My friend really liked it. She also loved that it was home-made, with love.... so a win-win :-)


  1. Love it Deb! Is there anything you can'y do?! x

    1. Haha Cassie...I can't take great photos, for starters... I'm going to spend some time looking at photoshop and other editing apps... Can you recommend any?


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