Wednesday, February 13, 2013

my knitted elephant

Since Christmas, I've been reading like crazy. It's been great to have a book on my bedside table again. For a while there, while the girls were small, there was no time for book-worming, and then, as they got older, it just seemed hard for me to concentrate for more than 5 minutes on anything that seemed a bit self indulgent.

Anyhow, lately I decided it's just so important for the girls to see me sitting down and enjoying reading. Especially as my eldest has now become so obsessed with it. So now it's become one of those beautiful things I can do with them. One of my favourite ever things is to curl up in bed with Stella while she reads her book and I read mine. I cannot describe the pure feeling of contentment that comes from spending that peaceful time with her..

Anyway... I digress...

I just finished a book when a great friend rang me to tell me he and his wife are expecting a baby. They just got married last year, and while he now has an eleven year-old stepdaughter he adores, this will be his first immersion into true babyhood. I felt so happy for him that I decided to pull out the knitting needles and see if I could produce a handmade toy...

And so my rainbow elephant grows. I don't know if my friend is having a boy or a girl (he doesn't know or he won't tell), but as I knit this elephant up, I'm realising just how much pink and purple is in this recycled wool of mine. No matter. 

I just need to complete the tusks, sew it together and stuff it. And then hopefully it will look something like this

We'll see... 

Hopefully I'll be posting the finished project before too long.. Baby is due in August, so I have plenty of time :-)

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