Sunday, February 17, 2013

rock pools

Today was rainy. As it has been all weekend. My sister had come to visit with her daughter and it seemed as if we were going to miss out on a beach trip.
When you live at the beach, I guess you take it a bit for granted. I guess going for a walk in the rain can seem like too much hard work. But my sister insisted. She hadn't driven for 2 hours to sit in my lounge room and read the Saturday papers, so (groan groan) we got ready and went out. 
I didn't even put in my togs. Neither did PK. We donned raincoats and packed warm tops and set out for the National Park

As we walked along the track, the rain cleared. The umbrella came down and the girls skipped between the raindrops.
When we got to Tea Tree, it was starting to clear. My sis went straight in for a swim.
PK and the girls decided to explore the rock pools.

It was amazing. I forgot how perfectly formed the rock pools are, and how warm and fun they can be.

 The kids built dams, found crabs and squealed in delight as the waves came crashing in on their feet.

We all dipped into the water. Even those of us without our togs. 

And I was so so pleased that my sister had made us go

The girls had a great time. Right now they take it for granted, having close family around. I do keep telling them how lucky they are to have cousins to grow up with. This is such a special time in all of our lives. I am appreciating every moment.


  1. Oh Deb - I'm LOVING you blog!! Gorgeous pics of your walk to work too - so beautiful xxx

  2. I don't think I ever regret a trip to the beach, or a swim no matter how frigid the water. I often forget to go in winter, but blustery beach walks can be so invigorating when the cold weather sets in. What a magical spot you have there - and family to share it with too, you lucky things. x

    1. You're so right, Alison. Winter is beautiful here.. often my favourite time of year. Thanks for your lovely comments x

  3. That circular pool looks like loads of fun. Wish our rock pools were symmetrical in shape.

    Nina x

  4. Family + the ocean = a lot of beautiful memories. Your day looks like it was perfect!

  5. Oh so many beautiful and happy memories here. Beautiful pics..x


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