Sunday, March 31, 2013

playing tourist

Several times a year, our beachside haven is overrun with holidaymakers. While I do lament the loss of peace and quiet, I also quite enjoy the festive atmosphere that they bring along. It seems to be a good excuse to drop the standard daytime routines and let loose for a little bit.
Today, although it was overcast and still sprinkling raindrops after a night of fairly torrential rain, we decided to load the bikes onto the car and head down the river in search of ice cream.
We were to start at one end of the bike path, and travel all the way to the other, picking up a kids scoop in a waffle cone from our favourite ice cream shop.
It was an easy plan, and well executed..

There were loads of people hiring boats and heading out into the river. We were content to hang and watch. And to muck about on the jetty.

The trusty carrot bag always comes with us. This was a gift from our Bruny friends, on their return from Switzerland. It's a regular Migros shopping bag over there. But it's my beach bag of choice because I can always spot it from the water.

The cheery colours of the kayaks stood out well against the brooding sky.

making short work of our ice creams, we headed back along the river, stopping for a quick pic of our Big Pelican

My eldest abandoned her bike in favour of her skateboard. Which basically involved me towing her along...

We finished up lunching with my parents at the Yacht Club. Surprisingly quiet for the Easter Saturday, we had the place virtually to ourselves.

Then it was home for a rest, holiday style.


  1. Just a bit lucky to call this home, aren't we?! x

    1. Absolutely. Hope you're enjoying your holidays as well, Cas, even though it's no holiday for our lads..


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