Saturday, April 26, 2014

stills: holidays

 1.  hardy seaside plants.

 2.  my two...

 3.  holiday ear piercing (and a smattering of freckles).

 4.  softies for friends.

 5.  rock pools with family.

 6.  lettuce babies gifted from a friend.

 7.  another present from another friend..lucky me.

 8.  making anzacs...

 9.  just out of the oven...

10. tea and biscuits...delicious.

11. a "homework book" for me, courtesy of Ruby. Full of word searches and other creative tasks.


  1. Lovely photos, love seeing what you and your girls are up to. Very pretty choice of earing. Ear piercing is a big milestone in a girls life I think. Always enjoy your beach pics, if I didn't live in the country I would have to be by the sea I think. Elaina xo

    1. Thanks Elaina. I love your pictures of the country and vinyards, so divine. We should swap lives occasionally, don't you think!

  2. Your pics are so lovely! They feel like holiday! Love the dog + cat softies!

  3. My kind of stills! Looks like wonderful homemade goodness pal! And your girls are adorable!!! My little bean can not wait to get her ears pierced! And your pictures of the sea always takes me away! Lovely week to you friend! Nicole xoxo

  4. Those rock pools look simply divine. Reminds me of times as a child when I would go exploring through rock pools and discover hidden 'treasures'


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