Saturday, April 6, 2013

a world of fun..

It's school holidays, and we're inundated with festivities, celebrations, family and fun. This year, as we're home, we're exploring some of our local tourist attractions. Our thrill-seeking offspring decided a trip here was just the ticket for a birthday treat. Initially sceptical, we eventually threw our hats into the ring and accepted the challenge. 
We rounded up a few extras and were ready for action.

 It was surprisingly quiet. There were virtually no queues for the rides so the kids were free to go again and again. The place was clean, the people were friendly and the fast food did not break the bank...

I'm pleased to say, a fun day was had by all. No-one threw up, not even me. I braved the Redback with my nephew which eventually shamed all the other older kids into having a go, too. We covered a lot of ground, those eight kids and us three adults. We ate hot chips and cold ice cream, drank lots of water and stayed cool. It was great. 
And when I got home, I had two glasses of wine and passed out (after seeing the girls safely to bed).

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