Saturday, April 13, 2013


It's still raining. A lot. Not good news for my sister and her family who made the trek up from the city to spend the last weekend of the school holidays at the beach.
But I quite like the rain. Still. It's a perfect excuse to sleep in, then indulge in a cooked breakfast. Today I fried up some Tasmanian bacon with poached eggs, rocket and feta. We used to eat this bacon during our months on Bruny, almost three years ago. We would drop the girls at school and daycare, then make the trek up to town via the Red Velvet Lounge in Cygnet, stopping in for a quiet and delicious breakfast before the hours of grocery shopping ahead.
So finding this bacon in my local organic store made me just a touch nostalgic. It was worth the splurge, even though it has a lot more food miles on it up here in Queensland.
After breakfast, the girls and I pushed ahead with their garden diaries. Seeds were chosen and ordered from Green Harvest. Together we researched and documented the steps involved for our no-dig beds.
A trip to the library, some homemade pumpkin soup and some down-time behind us, we headed out to catch up with family. In spite of the rain we meandered around the square, where the girls danced and posed for photos. Back for a glass of wine, I watched the boys play footy in the rain.
The girls swam in the pool in their undies. I hadn't packed their togs. No matter.
I've kidnapped my niece for a final sleepover before school resumes. Tonight, with her curled up on the couch with me and my girls, it was just so lovely to see her so comfortable here.

I'm blessed and lucky.

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