Sunday, April 21, 2013

this week, I finished...

Since my coffee buddies left town, I have been determined to make good of my spare time..
This week I have been on the sewing machine..
A dress for my youngest. Old thrifted sheet, recycled, pink edged..

A teddy for a new baby..(just the scarf to sew up now)

A skirt for my eldest..

The veggie beds were finished late this afternoon,

I finished my book, which was borrowed from the library after I found some good reviews posted on other blogs. It was a beautiful book. Whimsical, lyrical, with a lovely sense of place. I was absorbed...

I even found time to complete one of my online courses.
Not too shabby for Week One.
We had a beautiful weekend. The weather was sublime. On Saturday we beached, went bike riding, played tennis, shared dinner and laughter with my parents. On Sunday my parents took the kids out to the river. More swims, ice cream, more laughter.
It has been lovely to see my parens settle in so well. Even nicer is the relationship I see developing between them and my girls. More on that later!
I have a few goals for next week...
(List to follow in another post.)


  1. You have had the busiest, and productive, week! I love seeing sewing finished as it makes me really want to get going with mine. We are doing our veggie patch this week (hopefully!) - it's been on our list for ages and we keep putting it off! :o))

  2. Lovely creations. That was an excellent book, I really enjoyed it.

  3. So clever Deb - love the sweet dress x

  4. Wow you have been very the new clothes for the girls. xx


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